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1. Is there a set release date for the translations?
A. The releases will be random. We can't set a regular release date.

2. Why don't you pick up 1/2 Prince Novel?
A. Another group - Prince Revolution! is working on the novel, and at the rate the manhua is being releasing (1 every 2 months) they'll catch up to the latest chapter soon enough.

3. Can I share these translations elsewhere?
A. Absolutely not. We would like it if our readers came to the site to read. Helps us to keep track of how many readers we have. Imagine a project getting very few unique hits. We would be tempted to drop the project, thinking no one likes it.

That being said we do plan to release pdf or other formats for your reading pleasure sometime later. Please be patient for now.

4. Can I retranslate your project?
Yes you can. Saying no would be wrong since we already are translating without the authors permission and there's no question of raw obtaining like in mangas.
        However, we cannot collaborate with you, nor refer you to our readers since we cannot assure quality of different languages. But make sure not to lift the english version.

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