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Jan 17, 2015

Eclipse Hunter v05 Intro

Character Introduction

Translators: Laridae, Trespasserby (contribution)
Proofreaders: Zephynel, Sora

Applications are now open again! Please DO apply as proofreaders or translators! The EH Team is looking for YOU to help out and join us :D

◇Devon Solaris◇
Identity: Leader of world’s largest trade union--the Solaris Alliance, thus known as the Solaris Emperor.
Personality: A super good sibling who dotes on his little brother
Appearance: Bright golden hair and crimson eyes; mature and calm
Weapon: BHP09
Catchphrase: “Didi, remember to ×××,remember not to ●●●,you also need to ○○○,don’t forget ◎◎◎.”

◇Daren Solaris◇
Identity: Devon Solaris’s young brother; half-cyborg Dark Sun
Personality: Innocent little brother with a mysterious and cruel alter-ego, Dark Sun
Appearance: Silver-hair and dark eyes; sweet and innocent
Weapon: Steel claw, Reaper’s Scythe, Wings of Steel… and many more
Catchphrase: “Understood!”

◇Theodore Avery◇
Identity: Dark Sun’s surgeon, a doctor who works in secret since his license was revoked
Personality: An experimental research fanatic
Appearance: Aquamarine hair and dark green eyes; small-framed eyeglasses
Weapon: None
Catchphrase: “... (helpless appearance)”

Identity: Daren Solaris’s classmate; the fearsome “King of YeLan Academy”
Personality: Bully
Appearance: Spiky orange-colored hair and blue eyes; dragon tattoo on the left side of his face
Weapon: A pair of fists to flatten the world
Catchphrase: “Are you an idiot?”

◇Shain Baylian◇
Identity: Second-largest coalition chief’s son; Daren Solaris’s classmate
Personality: Arrogant prince
Appearance: Black hair and purple eyes; likes to wear Chinese-style clothing
Weapon: A pair of three-pronged spears
Catchphrase: “You and I are of different worlds.”

Identity: A special combat student
Personality: A violent girl who loves pretty boys and male idols
Appearance: Short pink hair and red eyes; an attractive girl
Weapons: Twin giant mallets
Catchphrase: “Dar~ you’re too cute!”

Identity: A special combat student
Personality: An easily forgotten “ice cube” in the corner
Appearance: Light green hair and silver eyes
Weapon: Fei Dao (flying daggers) & mind-reading
Catchphrase: “... (expressionless)”

Identity: A special combat student
Personality: Outwardly smiling, inwardly unsmiling tiger; kind exterior, cruel interior
Appearance: Russet hair and blue eyes; a warm-hearted big brother
Weapon: Dual lightsabers
Catchphrases: “Wow! (extremely exaggerated sigh) Is this true?”

Identity: Solaris Emperor’s right hand, also known as the multi-purpose secretary
Personality: Vows to fulfill tasks given to him even if it kills him
Appearance: Black hair and blue eyes; poker-faced
Weapon: Computer
Catchphrase: “Yes, it is as you say.”

◇Yue Baylian◇
Identity: Leader of Lunaris Alliance
Personality: Pervert
Appearance: Dark purple hair and golden eyes; a glamorous-looking Chinese man
Weapon: Lightwhip
Catchphrase: “Devon Solaris, there will be a day when I have you!”

Identity: Always flunking combat class
Personality: Uses underhanded methods for the sake of victory; Machiavellian
Appearance: Short black hair and green eyes; somewhat androgynous
Weapon: Metal-plated boots
Catchphrase: “Winning is everything.”
Identity: Principal of YeLan Academy
Personality: Profit over pride
Appearance: An immortal old man
Weapon: “Pester” tactic
Catchphrase: “What about this?”  

◇DSII/Dark Sun Two◇
◇DSII/Dark Sun Two◇
Identity: Dark Sun’s clone
Personality: Cyborg
Appearance: Same as Dark Sun
Weapon: Same as Dark Sun
Catchphrase: None

Identity: World-famous singer
Personality: ?
Appearance: Blond hair and red eyes
Weapon: Singing
Catchphrase: “Ah! Unparalleled beauty!”

Identity: Kyle’s little brother
Personality: Humorous driver-ge
Appearance: When you see his face, you’ll forget it immediately
Weapon: All kinds of brand-name cars
Catchphrase: “Eat little, sleep little; do it all and do it well––that’s my brother’s specialty.”

Identity: Daren Solaris’s clone
Description: Cyborg
Appearance: Same as Daren Solaris
Weapon: Same as Daren Solaris
Catchphrase: None

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  1. Yue Baylian, personality : pervert
    Seriously? XD


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