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Feb 7, 2012

Eclipse Hunter v03 Prologue

Translator: Mochipanda
Proofreader: Wryn, Catchkatch, Noobzilla

In 2105, following the decline of the United Nations, the world was split into hundreds of trading organisations. Enticed by the profits, these organisations merged to form trade cartels, the largest of which was the Solaris Federation. A juggernaut among the groups, Solaris controlled over 30% of the global economy, thanks to the cunning management of the man credited as the most successful leader in the world.

Until leadership passed to Devon Solaris, the Solaris Federation had never even been among the top five trade cartels. Once in command, Devon Solaris' insatiable thirst for power drove him to relentlessly expand his control and thus Solaris prospered.

It wasn't that the growth of the Solaris group went unchallenged; it was that Devon Solaris was always one step ahead of the opposition. He was able to thwart any threat before it was ever realised. It was as if he had an unnatural sense for danger. Those who plotted against him would find themselves effortlessly outwitted. Every rival would curse how they came so close to overpowering him, only to be crushed at the very last moment.

It wasn't just once or twice; it was the same for every attempt. Everyone knew it wasn't just a coincidence, or fate. The answer was simple: Devon Solaris had complete control.

Every opponent who tried to cross him swore to never do it again.

No conspiracy or coup d'├ętat could escape him. His control was absolute and irrefutable.

His very existence was likened to God.

He was invincible.

The people called this legendary existence the 'Solaris Emperor'.


"Bye Ezart, bye Elian-ge, bye Eloise, bye Eli. See you all tomorrow!"

Standing by the door, Daren waved enthusiastically to the quartet as they departed, smiling with what his brother had dubbed 'the cutest smile in existence'.

Ezart gestured lazily without even looking at Daren.

"Bye, Dar," Elian replied with a broad grin on his face.

"Dar, don't you dare bring those ugly glasses to class!" Eloise ordered, hands on her hips.

Eli only turned his head a fraction and nodded his farewell.

Daren waved one last time, and lingered by the door until he could no longer see his friends. Turning around, he discovered a suave, majestic figure exuding an air of arrogance standing not far behind him. The man's hair was a dazzling blond so bright it was almost blinding.

"Gege!" Daren laughed delightedly.

At the sound of the boy's greeting the man broke out in a warm smile, instantly transforming from an imposing figure to an ordinary, loving older brother.

"Did you have fun today, Dar?" he asked, affectionately ruffling Daren's hair.

"Yep!" Daren nodded enthusiastically, smiling guilelessly like an angel. "I love eating with gege, papa, and my friends!"

Devon, the brother of this pure and innocent youth, gave the appearance of kindness and beauty, but there was no such warmth in his heart. He issued orders to his subordinates with a cold, commanding tone that brooked no argument, as expected of a man of his stature.

After all, Devon was the infamous Solaris Emperor, who ruled the world. Words like 'please' and 'no' were not in his vocabulary, and were unacceptable.

Daren, the boy with the angelic smile, was the Solaris Emperor's younger brother. He was a kind and respectful child, and the only one who obediently completed his homework in his otherwise misbehaved class at Yelan Academy.

Their father had hated Daren since birth, and in his eyes, Daren was only worth something as a cyborg bodyguard for his older brother.

But even though his father had no love for Daren, his brother did.

With great effort, Devon had managed to save his little brother and swore he would protect the boy's smile and happiness.

In turn, the cyborg youth, who until then had never been exposed to society, was trying his best to be an ordinary boy. He worked hard to adjust to school life, struggled through many challenges, and managed to make some friends. In time, he would learn what it is to be human.

******************* Eclipse Hunter Volume 3 Prologue END*******************


  1. Good job! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you very much for all of your effort and time for translating and bringing this novel to us, I really love it!

  3. Thanks! Good job(:

  4. Somehow, Devon really reminds me of Sanzo from Saiyuki

  5. I love it! Good Job!!! Keep on going!!!


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