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Jun 13, 2011

Eclipse Hunter Chapter 8

"Dar, you must also be happy today."

Devon Solaris roughly ruffled didi's hair. However, upon realising the mess he had made he quickly took out a comb and began returning his brother's hair to its former neatness.


"Just say okay or yeah. It's not like I'm giving you orders," Devon chided.

"Understood… Ah." Daren Solaris paused, realising his mistake. He nodded his head and changed his reply to "Yeah".

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, Daren glimpsed a familiar figure… It was mainly the eye-catching head of orange-red spiky hair, combined with the tall stature and gangster-like swagger that made it impossible not to recognize the figure as Ezart.

"Ezart! Wait for me!"

In the distance, Ezart stiffened and turned around only to discover that the person calling after him was Daren. Ezart's face instantly took on a peculiar expression, as if he was seeing his most hated green chili in his lunch box.

Being half a street away, Daren was afraid that Ezart would not hear him, so he shouted to him at the top of his lungs. The crisp and fresh morning air was particularly conducive for the transmission of sound that morning. Naturally, all the surrounding pedestrians were startled by his loud voice and glared at Daren with accusatory expressions.

That idiot… Ezart covered his face with his hand; he couldn't think of a way out of the embarrassing situation. Grudgingly, he signaled for Daren to catch up with him quickly before walking away.

Daren started to run after him, but stopped in his tracks so that he could give Devon a hug.

"Gege, see you later."

He then turned towards Theodore Avery, who had been leisurely standing next to them with a cup of coffee, and forcefully hugged him as well.

"Papa Avery, see you later."

Theodore choked on his coffee, spraying it everywhere just as Daren ran off. He watched Daren sprint away before turning towards a calm and collected Devon and giving him the look of a dead fish - i.e. glassy-eyed, unamused and foul.

Sure enough, Devon Solaris explained calmly, "If we are going to put on an act, we might as well act out the entire play. What would we do if someone discovers that Dar is my brother? Anyway, Dar needs a father."

"Is it too late to quit now?" Theodore Avery's asked, his mouth twitching.

Click! A BHP09 was cocked and aimed at the doctor's temple.

"What did you say?" Devon calmly asked, not even bothering to look at Theodore.

"Nothing. That gun might misfire. Be careful." Theodore seemed to have gotten used to this, continuing his drink without any changes to his facial expression.

Devon looked at the pair in the distance and asked worriedly, "Does Dar's friend seem a bit strange to you?"

"Teenagers nowadays are all like that," Theodore said, sounding as if he was fifty.

"Really?" Devon Solaris asked dubiously. He then frowned and said, "If Dar wants that weird hairstyle in future, what should I do?"

Oi! Compared to your didi's unique hairstyle, that could only be considered as normal.

Theodore wisely chose not to tell Devon that his didi's hair… was much more "exciting" than that person's "normal orange-red spiky hair".

******************** Chapter 8 END ********************

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  1. Awesome!!! thank you!!! =D

  2. Woah, this is a very short chapter but still very amusing. Thank you!!

  3. lol too short why didn't they just add it with the previous one instead of calling it a chapter


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