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Apr 8, 2011

Character Introduction

Devon Solaris
Identity: Leader of the Solaris group (the world’s largest trade cartel), also known as the ‘Solaris Emperor’.
Personality: An excellent brother who cherishes his younger brother.
Appearance: Mature and calm disposition with bright, golden hair and dark red eyes.
Weapon: Handgun.
Catchphrase: “Didi, you must remember to ***, do not ●●●, and you have to ○○○ but don’t forget to ◎◎◎.”

Daren Solaris
Identity: Devon Solaris’ younger brother. A cyborg - code-named ‘Dark Sun’.
Personality: Split-personalities - an unnaturally innocent boy and the brutal and merciless Dark Sun.
Appearance: Cute features with silver hair and black eyes.
Weapon: Steel Claws, Reaper's Scythe, Steel Wings... and more to come.
Catchphrase: “Understood!” or "Yeah".

Theodore Avery
Identity: A surgeon whose license was withdrawn. Dark Sun’s head surgeon.
Personality: Obsessed with experiments and research.
Appearance: Azure hair and deep green eyes. Wears glasses.
Weapon: None.
Catchphrase: “...”

Identity: Daren’s classmate. The feared head honcho of Yelan Academy.
Personality: Delinquent.
Appearance: Spiked orange hair like a porcupine. Blue eyes. Has a dragon tattoo on the left side of his face.
Weapon: Fists.
Catchphrase: “Are you an idiot?”

Shain Baylian
Identity: Daren’s schoolmate and heir to the second largest trade conglomerate.
Personality: Arrogant, like a spoiled prince.
Appearance: Has black hair and violet eyes. Likes to wear Chinese attire.
Weapon: Dual Sai.
Catchphrase: “We come from completely different worlds.”

******************** Character Introduction END ********************

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  1. Izatt should be Ezart (Izatte prev.), but the descriptons are good and the catchphrases are really expressive. :D

  2. thanks for the chapters! In the character Intro, it says Shain Baylian is a classmate of Dar but they are not in the same class. It should be schoolmate, unless by class you mean same grade/year.

  3. Is this supposed to be linked between ch8 and v2ch1?

  4. Hi, I just wanted to ask, where did YuWo release the official names? O: I can't seem to find it):
    By the way, you guys did a wonderful job! Though there are some awkward phrasings, but I still think it's a great effort put in by you guys to make this translation possible(: So, thank you!

  5. We come from completely different worlds... >_<

  6. huh, id have thought that Theodore Avery's catchphrase would be 'that gun might misfire.'

  7. BRO-CON should totally be added to the older brothers description


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