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Mar 5, 2011

Eclipse Hunter Prologue

In 2105, following the decline of nations, the world was split into hundreds of trading organisations. Motivated by the benefits, these organisations merged to form trade cartels, the largest of which was the Solaris group, controlling over 30% of the world’s economy. The group was also acknowledged to have the most proficient leader in the world.

The Solaris group was never among the top five trade cartels until the leadership went to Devon Solaris, whose insatiable thirst for power lead him to continually expand his influence...

It wasn’t that the growth of the Solaris group went unchallenged. The Solaris Emperor would always be one step ahead of the opposition. He was able to stop their threats before they were ever acted upon. It was as if he was able to foresee danger. Those who attempted to plot against him would find themselves easily outwitted. Everyone would lament how they got so close to defeating him, only to be defeated at the last moment.

It wasn’t just once or twice; it was the same for every attempt. Everyone knew it wasn’t just a coincidence, nor was it God’s will. It was because the Solaris Emperor had complete control.

Every opponent who crossed his path swore to never do it again.

Everyone admitted that he had complete control over everything. No schemes nor conspiracy could escape him.

His very existence was likened to God.

He was invincible.

People called this legendary existence the ‘Solaris Emperor’.

“But the origin of each noble achievement is often beyond simple.”

*****Prologue END*****

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  1. Sounds interesting so far... As always, Yu Wo's novels are excellent. On to the next chappie!

  2. You misspelled organizations ;p

  3. 'organisation' is spelt like this in australia

  4. Yep, "organisation" here too in Singapore. Great work btw ☺ -hoxyho

  5. American english- organization
    British english- organisation
    Austrailian - organisation
    America didn't come first, the GREAT BRITAIN did, so Noobzilla is right!!!

  6. US: Organization
    UK+Commonwealth: Organisation

  7. Ha Ha I guess you're right. I just follow whatever google says and they're American XD

  8. Good start... very intriguing <3

  9. lol some sort of organisation/organization war going on in the comments?

  10. I find it a great start to a story. I understand how hard it can be to put ideas out there for people to read.

  11. What do you mean 'whatever google says'? Do you mean Google news articles? Because that would depend upon the country as well. e.g Google Australia vs Google U.S

  12. <3 love this. Re reading it all over again and again.


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